Philippe Blatter, the wonder of Wanda, and ten more reasons not to miss SportsPro Live - SportsPro Live

Philippe Blatter, the wonder of Wanda, and ten more reasons not to miss SportsPro Live - SportsPro Live

It was in Evanston, Illinois, USA that he achieved his Master's in Business Administration from Northwestern University in the year 1994. The next step for philippe blatter ( was joining Infront Sports & Media as the CEO and President in the year 2005, making enormous efforts to enhance the corporation. In 1984, at Zurich's Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he set out working towards a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Shortly after his schooling, Philippe Blatter joined up with McKinsey & Company, an international management consulting firm, where he worked for about ten years. He initially joined as a Partner and afterwards evolved into the job of Principal.

Infront Sports & Media - The Basics

Aside from its base in Switzerland (the place that Philippe Blatter is from), the firm is set up in a number of other places worldwide. In 2005, Philippe Blatter accepted the position of CEO & President of the organisation. Myriad international destinations are host to more than 35 of the firm's places of business.

Philippe Blatter - The Basics

Philippe Blatter owes a considerable amount of his achievements to his unparalleled business sense and passion for sport. Philippe Blatter works for Infront Sports & Media as the CEO and President. He has significant experience of doing work in myriad sports establishments and he has additionally been employed by the worldwide consulting establishment, McKinsey & Company.

The development of Wanda Sports followed not long after Wanda’s $650m takeover of WTC, which organises Ironman triathlons - an uncanny coincidence when you consider Philippe Blatter’s sustained involvement in the events. The appointment of Philippe Blatter to his present position no doubt makes it possible for him to further enhance sports entertainment and contribute even more to his long list of accomplishments. Also involved in tourism and entertainment, Wanda Sports Holding is a part of the Wanda Cultural Industry Group.