Marc Ooms - Biographie

Marc Ooms - Biographie

A great deal of Marc Ooms (Zonebourse) 's younger years were enjoyed with his family in Brussels. In the 1950's in Etterbeek, Belgium, Marc Ooms was delivered into the world. Today, he is a nurturing, loving and proud dad to three daughters and has numerous grandchildren. He was raised being the eldest son and resided with his mum, dad and his four siblings.

Marc Ooms - Greenyard Foods

Marc Ooms got involved in the year 2011 by becoming a determined and enthusiastic Member of the Board. Greenyard Foods started off about 50 years ago (before Marc Ooms became a member) as a quite minor company. Durability and freshness are important to Greenyard Foods’s growth strategies.

Marc Ooms - Early Career

Experiencing a company in full operation from a very young age would probably have impacted Marc Ooms's future. He stayed heavily affiliated with one of Belgium's most highly-regarded private banking firms up until his retirement back in the year 2011. Marc Ooms was born into the fruit and vegetables organisation which was run by his dad.

The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms

They make use of around 5,700 hectares, 3,900 of them are selected for the growing of fruit. Marc Ooms, among other people, initially created the Fruit Farm Group in 2014. Marc Ooms, along with The Fruit Farm Company, aim to make room for local farmers and cultivators to confirm the superior quality of the goods they offer to global customers and clients.